Kindergarten Readiness

DFYF kindergarten readiness programs

Ready, Set, Grow

Our kindergarten readiness program, Ready, Set, Grow, is for Franklin County families with children ages 3 to 5 who feel their child may not be quite ready for school.

  • A 6-month program with weekly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Weekly appointments to work with your child can take place at your home, a relative’s home, the library, or our Educational Play Room
  • Many educational materials provided to help your child grow
  • Teaches parents about child development
  • Connects parents with needed community resources

Ready, Set, Grow Facts

  • Services are free
  • Screenings, assessments and Learning Plans are completed to assist with growth and development
  • The Parent/Guardian joins the Worker and child in weekly activities and learns ways to prepare the child for the future
  • Assistance in enrolling children into preschool, Head Start, and Kindergarten
  • Connect children to Special Needs educational services
  • Children attending pre-school full time and children enrolled in Kindergarten are not eligible

Educational Play Room

  • Parents can bring their child to the Play Room for weekly appointments
  • Regularly scheduled Play Groups strengthen social and academic skills while parents and children work together
  • Play Groups offer experiences that include Reading Circle, making snacks, painting, academic projects and time in the gym

To learn more or register for these programs, contact our Intake Department at 614-294-2661 or email us.