Kindergarten Readiness

DFYF kindergarten readiness programs

Ready, Set, Grow

Our kindergarten readiness program, Ready, Set, Grow, is for Franklin County families with children ages 3 to 5 who feel their child may not be quite ready for school.

  • A 6-month program with weekly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Weekly appointments to work with your child can take place at your home, a relative’s home, or the library
  • Many educational materials provided to help your child grow
  • Teaches parents about child development
  • Connects parents with needed community resources

Ready, Set, Grow Facts

  • Services are free
  • Screenings, assessments and Learning Plans are completed to assist with growth and development
  • The Parent/Guardian joins the Worker and child in weekly activities and learns ways to prepare the child for the future
  • Assistance in enrolling children into preschool, Head Start, and Kindergarten
  • Connect children to Special Needs educational services
  • Children attending pre-school full time and children enrolled in Kindergarten are not eligible

To learn more or register for Ready, Set, Grow, contact our Intake Department at 614-294-2661 or email us.