Directions for Youth & Families – What Makes Us Great

Why Directions for Youth & Families? Hear three of our full-time staff tell you why they are a part of our team and why you might want to be too.

Full Circle: Miles’ Journey with Directions for Youth & Families

Five years ago, after calling a suicide hotline, a young man went from the darkest time in his life to the happiest he has ever been. Follow Miles’ joureny from DFYF counseling client to artist, college graduate, and so much more.


An overview of DFYF programs & services.

A New Beginning – The Crittenton Community Center

Offering after-school and summer programing, counseling services and family engagement, the Crittenton Community center strives to inspire hope, strengthen families and restore communities. Hear from our after-school youth, staff and parents about the importance of this facility and what it brings to their neighborhood.

Ohio Avenue Youth Center

Join our kids for a tour of our Ohio Avenue Youth Center.

“If your story was a video game that you had to conquer, what would the levels be?”

With that one question a DFYF counselor began to help Daniel, a playful nine year old, create his own trauma narrative. Daniel created and illustrated a five level video game that allowed him to replace disturbing memories with affirming ones. DFYF provides programs for Children Who Witness Violence, Children of Murdered Parents & Siblings, and PROMISES, sexual abuse survivors; all helping youth and families to heal.