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Survey Results 2021
Here’s what teachers and school administration are saying about DFYF:

  • We love having a DFYF counselor in our school!
  • They are sensitive to our families and work with regulation skills for the classroom.
  • DFYF counselors work very hard to address the mental health needs of our students. We typically see vast improvements within the school environment after counseling has started. The counselors really focus in on those things that will allow our children to succeed and communicate effectively with their teachers and peers.

Here’s what our funders are saying about DFYF:

  • The staff are very passionate about what they do and they are extremely aware of meeting families where they currently are.
  • They equip their staff with skills to work with culturally diverse populations.
  • They serve youth and their families who are in need regardless of their household income.

First Quarter 2021:

  • 98% of clients surveyed were satisfied with services received from DFYF
  • 97% of clients surveyed would recommend DFYF to a friend or family member

DFYF is proud to share the State of the Child (SOC) Annual Reports:

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For additional State of the Child reports please contact our Development Department.