Impact & Outcomes

How DFYF is fostering resilience:

  • DFYF offers a continuum of services that spans psychiatric and psychological services, mental and behavioral health treatment, and after-school and prevention programming.
  • DFYF clinicians, trained in trauma and resiliency-oriented practices including the Attachment, Self-regulation, and Competency (ARC) trauma treatment framework, provide outreach counseling in homes, schools, and other community settings.
  • Many of our programs address some of the most difficult situations a child might experience – domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, grief and loss. DFYF counselors provide resilience kits – individualized to the client’s needs – to help youth develop safe and effective strategies to manage, regulate and work through emotional responses.
  • DFYF operates two youth centers providing an environment that is safe, positive, and educational; both located in high-risk neighborhoods and offering creative outlets and developmentally appropriate experiences that serve as healthy alternatives to delinquent activities prevalent in those neighborhoods
  • DFYF provides new opportunities in disadvantaged neighborhoods, helps clients learn to heal and build resilience, and contributes to a healthy community – one individual, one family at a time.