Social Justice Beer Tasting

Sample the locally-brewed social justice beers

Five local breweries each created their own unique social justice beer to raise awareness about Rooted in Change. Please join us for a virtual beer tasting Thursday, February 24 6-7:30 pm. Each $100 tasting package for two includes:

  • A live tasting co-hosted by our local craft brewers
  • 5 beers
  • Tasty snacks 
  • Two 5 oz tasting glasses


2421 Hope Stack Lane by Crafted Culture is a Peanut Butter Stout giving homage to Sizzle’s grandparents whose street number was 2421 in the Kimberly Parkway neighborhood and to his catchphrase “we are stacking the hope” through Rooted in Change. He chose peanut butter because Reese’s Ice Cream Bars were one of his favorite rewards working on the ice cream truck with his granddad.

Justice on Tap by Lineage Brewing is a Hazy Pale Ale brewed with pineapple to compliment the tropical fruit notes of the hops

Good Direction by Olentangy River Brewing is a Coffee Lager providing a rich aroma of coffee in your crisp lager

Ale Together Now by Parsons North Brewing is a Lo-Cal Ale brewed with the everyday beer drinker in mind – a crisp, light, and easy-drinking beer that still delivers flavor

Rooted in Change by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing is a light and easy-drinking Honey Golden Ale brewed with orange blossom honey and a hint of citrusy hops

Ticket purchase available soon, limited # of tickets available

Must be 21 or older to purchase tickets and participate. All net proceeds benefit Directions for Youth & Families.