Virtual Learning – Video Instruction

We are very fortunate to have so many talented staff within our DFYF family and we’re excited you can meet them as they share their skills and talents through our instructional videos. Youth are encouraged to invite parents and friends to join our sessions. We hope you learn, create, get active, get still, and have a little fun during this time of isolation.

Ms. Audri and Ms. LaTonya teach us new dances each week and give us the opportunity to get active in a very fun way. Dance choreographed to: About the instructors: Ms. LaTonya received her BFA in Dance from Wright State. She is the dance instructor at Ohio Avenue Youth Center. Her fun fact: I have traveled to the Bahamas! Ms. Audri received her BA in Psychology and teaches dance at Crittenton Center. Her message: All my life I was told dance is meant to be a hobby, not a career. I was also told I didn’t have the body type to pursue dance. That discouraged me from majoring in dance in college, although I still took dance classes and joined dance teams. After being very unhappy in the jobs I took after graduating, I decided to pursue my true passion of dance. I have been teaching for 4 years now! I never thought it to be possible.
Get still with Ms. Ali as she guides us through breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditations and teaches mindfulness techniques you can use anytime. About the instructor: Ms. Ali is a Masters licensed social worker. Her expertise is mental health and yoga. Her fun facts: I was the mascot one football season in high school; I wore a full bear suit and would jump into the splits during games. I have a dog named Penny Lane that I rescued from the shelter four years ago. I am attempting to re-learn how to play the alto saxophone; I played it from fifth through seventh grade, and decided to give it another whirl!  And last but not least, I can stand on my head for a really long time.
Join Ms. Joy as she walks us through simple, fun and creative art projects with step by step instructions and a challenge to add your own unique flair. About the instructor: Ms. Joy graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She teaches art at Ohio Avenue Youth Center. Her fun facts: I love ice cream, traveling, music, and Columbus!
Join Mr. Deonte and Mr. Jason as they provide music education and demonstrate the fun you can have playing instruments. About the instructors: Mr. Deonte is studying music education with a concentration in percussion. His expertise is instrumental music. His fun fact: I am graduating from Central State University on May 9, 2020! Something that would surprise you about me: I was on the swim team my freshmen year of high school. Mr. Jason got his degree in Music Performance. His expertise is flute and tuba. His fun facts: I have climbed Mt Fuji in Tokyo Japan twice, I performed as flutist for Disney's Broadway hit "Beauty and the Beast" national and International tours for 4 years, and I have traveled- 48 states, Germany, London, Grand Canary Island, Spain, Prague, Japan, and Korea.
Get active with Mr. Darryl and Mr. Jamar as they provide workouts showing us the right way to do exercises and take us through sports drills and tips for success. About the instructors: Mr. Darryl studied Exercise Physiology. His expertise is fitness, nutrition, and performance training. His fun fact: I am in the process of writing a book. Mr. Jamar has his degree in Sports Management with a Masters in Recreation Administration/Youth Development. His expertise is youth development and coaching basketball. His fun facts: I have an 8 year old daughter and I have traveled to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic.
Ms. Laurise is sharing all kinds of fun tips, DIY projects, and “how to” instruction. About the instructor: Ms. Laurise studied Biology with a dual minor in Chemistry and Spanish. Her expertise is Education. Her fun fact: I am afraid of roller coasters and scary movies.