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Ready Set Grow

A Kindergarten Readiness Program

+ For Franklin County families with children ages 3-6 (who are not yet enrolled in kindergarten) identified to be at risk for not being ready to enter school
+ Provides home visits
+ Develops an individualized plan for each child
+ Includes child education and parent involvement
+ Is a 6 month program with weekly 1-2 hour sessions
+ Teaches parents about child development
+ Connects parents with needed community resources
+ There are no fees for service

Individualized Plan

An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is completed with families to determine the focus of instruction based on needs. The plan outlines mutually agreed upon goals that are measurable.

Skills & Growth

• We work one-on-one with children weekly in 1-2 hour sessions using creative activities that are developmentally appropriate.
• The parent/guardian is included in these activities and receives instruction from their worker on how to work with the child between RSG visits. In this way, parents learn necessary skills and can continue them when the program ends.

Parent Inclusion

• Parents/guardians are included in Ready Set Grow activities that occur in the home or community setting.
• Lessons from the “Nurturing Parenting” curriculum are used to help parents increase their knowledge of child development, discipline, safety, health, and nutrition.

Community Resources

As a part of the program’s services, we can provide information about:
• basic resources (food, clothing, shelter)
• financial support (child support, TANF assistance)
• domestic violence support
• mental health services
• enriching community experiences (public libraries, metropolitan park programs, the Center of Science and Industry, the zoo, and other low or no cost activities)

Contact our Intake Department at or call 614-294-2661 for more information.

A DFYF Bonus:

• At the Ohio Avenue Youth Center, we created an early childhood education room equipped with a vast array of developmental skill builders.
• The Education Room allows us to work with parents and children to experience a typical pre-kindergarten and kindergarten room.
• There are regularly scheduled Play Groups where parents and children have the opportunity to come together to work on social skills.
• Speakers from various early childhood agencies are scheduled to attend Play Groups, which cover topics such as children’s dental care, immunizations, and the Columbus Public Library’s Ready to Read Program.
• Ready Set Grow individual appointments can also be scheduled in the Educational Room.

Ready Set Grow Brochure

Directions For Youth & Families believes that struggling youth and families need help on multiple fronts. Prevention, Intervention, Education - a mixture of all three must be available so that each individual's needs can be adequately met.



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